Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The State Fair

Jon has always wanted to go to the Texas State Fair. With all the great festivals in Austin, we were sure this would be an uber-festival to remember. So, we packed up for the fair's final weekend, and headed to Dallas.

When we arrived in Dallas, we went to a theme restaurant called the Magical Mystery something where we were served a smoking blue potion by Ted (from Bill and Ted's Great Adventure). The food was mediocre but the experience was fun.

Everyone except Oliver (who I am convinced could sleep through a rock concert) had a pretty sleepless night, compliments of Miss Ava. So in the morning, the kids and Mommy headed out for a little breakfast and exploring while Daddy slept in. We found a cute little breakfast place and then played for a little while at the mall near our hotel.

Then it was off to the fair. We ate funny fried foods, shopped, perused the rides and games and watched shows (lots of cars and some animals). It wasn't the uber-festival we had hoped for but it made for a nice day anyway.

The Kids Enjoying the Indoor Sandbox at The Fair

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