Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camp Austin

Cousin Maddie came back to Austin with us for a visit after St. Louis. We had tons of fun showing her around and getting to break a few rules without her mom around. Best yet, Ollie got to experience what it is like to have a big sister for a couple of weeks...while he didn't always love being dethroned as the head honcho he loved having her here. She was also a great help with Ava (Mommy got a break from changing diapers - woohoo!)

Maddie and Ollie at Home Plate after Running the Bases at The Round Rock Express Game

Maddie Driving her Go-Cart at Austin's Park and Pizza

High Tea

Maddie at our Melting Pot Date - yum!

Jen and Chase came in town to pick Maddie up and stayed for Ollie's birthday party....more from the big 3-year-old's day in the next post!

St. Louis - The Unposted

As promised I have recovered some other St. Louis trip pictures with the help of my live in tech support, a.k.a Daddy.

The Boys (Dylan, Ollie and Chase) on Dylan's Birthday

Ava Enjoying the Water Exhibit at The Magic House

All the Kids Slip and Sliding at Dylan's Birthday Celebration

The Cousins Having Fun at GiGi's Birthday Party

The Sterns with Gigi

What Trip to St. Louis is Complete Without a Cards Game???