Sunday, October 24, 2010

Camp Austin

Cousin Maddie came back to Austin with us for a visit after St. Louis. We had tons of fun showing her around and getting to break a few rules without her mom around. Best yet, Ollie got to experience what it is like to have a big sister for a couple of weeks...while he didn't always love being dethroned as the head honcho he loved having her here. She was also a great help with Ava (Mommy got a break from changing diapers - woohoo!)

Maddie and Ollie at Home Plate after Running the Bases at The Round Rock Express Game

Maddie Driving her Go-Cart at Austin's Park and Pizza

High Tea

Maddie at our Melting Pot Date - yum!

Jen and Chase came in town to pick Maddie up and stayed for Ollie's birthday party....more from the big 3-year-old's day in the next post!

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