Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St. Louis Trip

The kids and Mommy took a trip to St. Louis for Gigi's 99th birthday. We also got to celebrate Dylan, Aunt Brooke and Uncle Ken's birthdays as well as attend Morgan and Madison's dance recitals. It was a fun-filled (packed)time with the family!

Morgan and Madison happened to have recitals on the same day. Oliver and Ava enjoyed watching their cousins perform and did a great job throughout both performances (Mommy was particularly impressed since Madison's didn't start until after 7pm).

Oliver Congratulating Morgan after her Recital

Post recital pictures with Maddie...Ava only fell asleep after the finale!

Gigi's 99th party was a great success...with just the family (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) there were over 30 people! She seemed to enjoy herself as did the rest of us.

Gigi with all 13 of her Great Grandchildren - I assure you that everyone was happy during most of the party but by picture time some of the younger greats were a little crabby.

And all 6 Grandchildren

Last but not Least the Children

While we were in town, we also got to visit fun St. Louis places like the zoo, The Magic House and Grant's farm.
Riding the Carousel at Grant's Farm

Mommy seems to be missing some vital pictures from the trip that she will upload as soon as she recovers them (trapped away on the server that she can't remember how to access). They include Dylan's actual birthday at an arcade style pizza place, his family party, Uncle Ken's birthday party and Dylan's kids party at Chuck-E-Cheese. Stay posted...

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  1. The kids are getting so big! Have you found places in the Austin area that are as special as the Magic House, Grant's Farm and the St. Louis Zoo? I hope so, but am skeptical. STL really is a great place to spend time as a kid. Looks like you had fun!