Saturday, May 22, 2010

Now May I Go to The Festival?

It is one of our favorite times in Central Texas - when the weather turns warm (but not yet take-your-breath-away-covered-in-sweat-hot) and the festivals and outdoor activities are plentiful. We have had a great time exploring some new places and some oldies but goodies.

Having a swinging good time at Spring Woods Park

Now that the weather has turned nice we are trying to ditch the car as much as possible in favor of the bike. On their first long(ish) ride in the trailer, I arrived home and looked back to see the kids snuggled in asleep on each other. Precious!

The Red Poppy Festival in Georgetown Texas is one of our favorites. It is a great place to walk around with the family, play in the bouncy houses, have a picnic and spend some time with friends!

My friend Molly and I co-captained a team for The Great American Bake Sale to benefit Share our Strength's effort to end childhood hunger in the nation. We held the sale at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, TX. It was a lot of work but also tons of fun and in the end we raised over $800 toward a great cause. The kids and Jon also came out to support us, play with the animals on the farm and pick some yummy berries. All in all a great day!

I know Ollie will one day be very upset with me for posting this picture for all the world to see (though his future wife will appreciate it!) but how could I withhold this cuteness? Ollie had been working hard to get 10 stickers on his potty prize so he could open it and this was the day. We celebrated by opening his prize and trying on his brand new big boy undies.

Ava didn't seem to mind her 9 month check up at all. Of course, everything goes better with a Mum Mum cracker. She checked out a-ok and weighed in at 16 lbs 13oz (pre-cracker).

Ollie has always enjoyed playing with his trains but lately is in to riding them too! He had lots of fun at The Fireman's Festival in Hutto riding the barrel train.

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